Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Missing Keys To Thriving In Any Real Estate Market by Eddie Godshalk

Book Description: The Missing Key to Thriving in Any Real Estate Market is broken down into parts. The first part examines the real estate market. It explains what happened to the market and why creditors are not lending as much money. Too many people were given too much credit and ended up in disaster. Foreclosure is high. It also explains how builders did not help the market by building too many houses. However, Eddie Godshalk believes that with careful planning and more consideration, the market can turn around.

The second part shows the different tools real estate agents have available. It explains the advantages along with the disadvantages. He believes that he found the tool to give agents and their buyers all of the right information. He believes that too much of the wrong information is just as bad as not enough information. He details all that a program should have and the program that works for him. The Home Value Predictor is the way of the future in real estate. He also explains how realtors, bankers, and lenders can change real estate.

My Thoughts: Eddie Godshalk is an exceptionally clear and insightful thinker. He does a brilliant job of organizing and presenting material in such a way that his reader can more easily understand it and then put it to effective use. This book can be read quickly and it will become an excellent reference book to refer to in the future!


  1. Thanks Deb.
    As a semi-perfectionist, I am updating the book again, and adding some very current info to the new book version. FYI, just got back from Inman Connect in SF. It has always been so surprising to me, that no vendor provides, or real estate agent/broker has assess to current local infomation on variable that matter. I look forwar to the future and getting this info out.
    Thanks, Eddie G

  2. Sounds very interesting, Deb. Especially in light of everything going on! It is crazy to see all the empty homes here in Arizona and of course when we visit our family in California. I remember visiting my brother before the big bust and there was a home two houses away from his for sale for over a million dollars. Seriously it was way over inflated in price. A nice place, but 1 million? Crazy. It did sell. I wonder how the new owners are doing.

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    nice seeing you.

  4. Same story here in SA,prices of houses had been increasing at a steady rate then all of a sudden just shot up.What happened was people who had bought before suddenly found their houses valued at triple the original price,so off they went to the bank to get second mortgages(mostly to then buy cars and pay ofr holidays overseas).Then the market crashed.The worse are the people who bought at the inflated prices.They can't even sell those same houses at a third of the amount that they still owe the bank.Crazy,crazy world!!!

  5. Excellent review!

    This sounds great - I'm looking forward to reading this book.