Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Cory's Sake by Carolyn Wada

Book Description: Reality, for Roci, is bleak. His planet of Cory is enslaved by Fear of a Bomb. He has never had a family. His nearly perfected passive-aggressive behavior keeps him in constant trouble at the factory.Roci copes by inventing stories-about the family in which he might have lived had there never been a Bomb, or about the people who might "at this very moment" be trying to save Roci's planet of Cory.For Cory's Sake is the story of a family trying to save Roci's planet of Cory.

My Thoughts: I have been looking for something different to read, and man was this it! This story has a lot of details to grasp, and many characters. I found this book to be very difficult to grasp at first. Once I got into to it, it seemed to pick up. I am glad I finished and I would rate this book 3.5 stars of 5.


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