Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tangling with Tyrants by Tony Deblauwe

Description of book: Do you dread going to work because of your boss? Quitting is not always an option and feeling like a victim of a bad boss only robs you of productivity, job satisfaction, and—ultimately—power. Career strategist and workplace guru Tony Deblauwe has spent years coaching weary employees how to be more effective with difficult bosses, and he has compiled his experiences into this indispensable guide. Tangling with Tyrants®: Managing the Balance of Power at Work offers practical techniques that show you how to build a communication process that will turn things around to help you build successful outcomes. You’ll get guidance on addressing direct and indirect bad boss behaviors, developing the right approach, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. By applying the techniques in this book, you will be equipped with the right tools to handle your boss and create the results you want.
My thoughts: Boy, did this book come along at the perfect time for me. I think this is a great book for people who struggle with a boss who is constantly criticizing and putting them down. The book is written well and is easy to follow. There will be options in this book that you may not have considered, and a few that may make the difference between success and failure on your job. I love how the books goes through each chapter with exercises to help you identify if you work for a tyrant, what triggers tyrants behaviors, your ability to change and control the situation, reading non-verbal ques, and understanding power, and that is just a few of the things this book touches on. I think this is a great book for anyone in the work force it will truly help your communication skills with good and bad bosses. This is a book I will definitely be referring to in the future. Great book, highly recommend.

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  1. Hi Deb, I am glad you liked the book. I spent a lot of time up front working with employees, HR and external practitioners to validate my practices in order to create something concise. I hope the book provides a useful and valuable tool to your readers!

    -Tony Deblauwe