Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Quiet Game by Greg Iles

Some seven months after his wife's death, best-selling author and former prosecuting attorney Penn Cage returns with his four-year-old daughter to his home town of Natchez, Mississippi. He manages almost at once to stir up long-moldering racial tensions in the small town with a chance remark he makes to an ambitious and unusually persuasive journalist, Caitlin Masters. Penn soon finds himself investigating the thirty-year-old murder he had mouthed off about, but many people--among them the director of the FBI and Natchez's most fearsome resident, the corrupt Judge Leo Marston--would prefer that the 1968 car bombing of black factory worker Del Payton remain unsolved.

Iles has done it again. He has written a book that I couldn't pull myself away from. The characters in this book are so well written they seem real. You really get into the mind of Penn Cage, and Iles makes you feel what he feels. The dialogue (as always in a Greg Iles book) is so well written you feel like you are eaves dropping on a real conversation. This guy just has an amazing grasp of humanity and the events of everyday life. The details that he puts into his books about his character's daily lives is enough to set him apart from other authors. This is a great book and I highly recommend it.

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